Frequently Asked Questions


Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Our cafeteria is open at 7:00 in the morning for students to be dropped off.
Parents can pull into the circle, unload and the student walks down the breezeway to the cafeteria.
Breakfast is served in the cafeteria each morning around 7:15.
The bell for early morning dismissal is at 7:30, the late for class bell is at 7:45.
Students who arrive after 7:30, will go straight to lockers and class.
Please do not park in the circle if you need to come inside, it will block buses entering and exiting.

In the afternoon, car riders may be picked up in the north parking lot.
You can line up on the drive or choose a spot to park and wait for your child.
It's best to decide how you plan to "pick up" with your child before school starts.
It is suggested if you travel south from the school, that you exit out Randy Curtis Way to Coleman Road.
If you travel north, head to the Main Street Exit.


Lunch Money

Our county offers PayPams- and online lunch money program, or you can send a check with your child.
The check goes directly to the cafeteria cashier, not the teacher.


Teacher Contact

You can find email addresses for every teacher on this site. (Updates will be made within the first week of school for new teachers) You can also call the school and leave a message in the office, however, unlike the elementary school, we do not have access to telephones in our classrooms, so we have to wait until planning to make return calls and if we are tutoring during planning, or if your message is received after planning, it will be after school before we can return the call. The best course for communication is email, which can be checked between classes.


Abbreviated Days

Buses will run on abbreviated days. Dismissal time will be 11:15. Lunch will not be served.
Students who do not come are counted absent for a full day. Usually, we rotate through each block for about 45 minutes.